A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Classic side-scroller 3D platformer

A dangerous hero, a gun, a country house, zombies and other evil spirits. You do not have the right to make a mistake.

Oldschool gameplay: you have one health. Any touch to dangers and you will be died.

The forest, the road, it's getting dark, it's raining. A typical rapper is riding a red car. He was impatient to go to the toilet, but in the rain is not very convenient. Nearby he was see the mansion.

While he was doing his dirty work under a canopy, someone stole his cap.. seems, it be a zombie and he fled to the mansion.

He did it for nothing. The rapper takes a shotgun and goes to the mansion for his cap!

  • Arrows - gp[dpad] ---------- Movement
  • X - gp[A] ---------------------- Attack
  • C - gp[X] ---------------------- Jump
  • Z - gp[B] ---------------------- Action
  • Dont Touch ------------------ Reload
  • ESC --------------------------- Quit game


  • Cross the levels without being touched by enemies or traps.
  • Run, aim, fire, run..


Dangerous Drake (0.3) 50 MB
Dangerous Drake (0.3 macOS) 57 MB

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